Bass Guitar Exercises For Dummies


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Bass Guitar Exercises For Dummies | 11.45 MB
English | 211 Pages

Title: Bass Guitar Exercises for Dummies
Author: Patrick Pfeiffer
Year: 2020​

Get ready to master the bass guitar faster than you can say "amplifier."

A staple of almost every genre of music out there, the bass guitar is a fundamental (and fun!) instrument that can now be easily learned by musicians of any experience level with Bass Guitar Exercises For Dummies. Complete with a bonus downloadable content, this book gives bassists a variety of tips and drills to help you strike a chord with any performance (even if it's only for an audience of one).
This book is an easy how-to that every bass player can appreciate. Bass Guitar Exercises For Dummies :
  • Features a wide variety of 300+ exercises and technique-building practice opportunities tailored to bass guitar
  • Offers exercises and chords for a variety of genres including funk, rock, blues, and reggae bass patterns
  • Shows you proper hand and body posture as well as fingering and hand positions
  • Concludes each lesson with a music piece for you to try
  • Comes with an audio CD that includes practice pieces to accompany the exercises and drills presented in each section
  • Helps you build your strength, endurance, and dexterity when playing bass

Whether you're a beginner bass player or you're looking to give John Paul Jones a run for his money, Bass Guitar Exercises For Dummies is the book for you! Pick up your copy today.

P.S. If you think this book seems familiar, you're probably right. The Dummies team updated the cover and design to give the book a fresh feel, but the content is the same as the previous release of Bass Guitar Exercises For Dummies (9780470647226). The book you see here shouldn't be considered a new or updated product. But if you're in the mood to learn something new, check out some of our other books. We're always writing about new topics!